Travel Advise

GLOBAL – We are glad our favourite tourism destinations are finally opening up to receive tourists around the globe although, a bit of caution still needs to be put in place during this season of lifting the dreadful lockdowns.

Some facts cannot be ignored – the tourism sector is responsible for the employment of one in every ten individuals across the globe. Over 100 million people are indirectly dependent on the industry’s earnings including the governments of several nations.

If you don’t believe in the efficacy of the vaccines and would rather believe in the many conspiracy theories flying around, then we implore you to kindly think beyond yourself for the sake of keeping humanity safe. Your views should not take preeminence over the safety and health of others in society.

In this edition we bring you some safety tips during your travels, beautiful destinations you can visit, news from around the globe and special features with regard to the industry.

We desire to see all travels in this season handled in ways that are responsible and safe, with thoughtfulness given to all the hazards involved.

Since you have made up your mind to travel during this pandemic, then we urge you to commit also to taking the necessary caution to keep yourself and others safe.